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Welcome to English Helpline's

English Helpline Language Institite is for you, whether you're preparing for university or just brushing up.

The Institute inaugrated in 2003 on May 15 (Thursday) in Raikot (Punjab). The distance is just 100 steps from Barnala by-pass, Barnala side. Total area is 7200 sq.feet double-storey, which includes, reception cum waiting hall, a conference hall, meeting hall, five studying room embedded with large projections for commands that back up with Electronic dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Above all! English Helpline provides
  • Seprate classes for males and females.
  • Laser printed mock tests with no reuse.
  • Listening thru FM (Frequency Modulation) Radio @ 90.5 MHz
  • Own harvested practice material.
  • e-books for home study.
  • Proper power back up.
  • UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) e-classes.
  • Min 6 Band Guarantee.
  • Convenient IELTS test registration.

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Dr. Jagdeep Gill

Owner / Instructor

Ph.D (English Literature & Relevant History)
(Australian PR 136-Sub Class)
+91-94632-70000, +91-95306-00000

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